3D Curveball


3D Curveball is a simple game that is available for Android and iOS devices. It’s similar to Pong, but with an extra dimension and a curving ball. The ball travels around in 3D space, and your paddle is 2 dimensional instead of just a line.

You can get 3D Curveball from Google Play (free), or the App Store ($0.99; no target mode or multi-player yet).

How to Play

The goal is to stop the ball from getting by you, and to try to get the ball to pass by your opponent. The best way to do this is to alter the direction of the ball when it arrives at your paddle. This is accomplished by moving the paddle as the ball arrives. The ball will curve in the opposite direction that your paddle is moving upon its arrival. If you are moving the paddle to the right when the ball arrives, the ball will curve to the left.

The computer opponent has a maximum speed that it can move in each difficulty setting and level, so the only way to win is by making the ball move faster in the X and/or Y directions than the opponent is capable of moving.

Target Mode

In “Target Mode” (no iOS support yet), you will need to use the movement explained in the previous section to try to hit the targets. In order to beat each level, you need to hit each of the targets purchase a dissertation layout .

When you hit a + shaped target, the ball will bounce off, exploding the target.
When you hit an X shaped target, the ball will explode along with the target.
When you hit a rotating semi-transparent target, the ball will shatter it and continue moving in its original direction.
When you hit a blue tile, the ball will bounce off.
When you hit a red tile, the ball will explode (don’t hit them!).

Since some levels are actively changing even before you release the ball, the timing of the release can often be critical.

Video and Screenshots

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