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Flies? Hate ’em. More flies? Swat ’em. MORE flies? What the heck is going on? Ants? Beetles!? Bees?? WASPS? AND BIRDS?!? Why can’t a picnic be enjoyed in peace? Come on..


Inspired by the classic Asteroids game, Stroids is a constant battle for survival. Rip through asteroids, crazy flowers, UFOs, and more!

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Cavedroid is a 3D game for Android phones based off the classic game SFCave. It enhances the original not only by adding the extra dimension but also by adding collectible items, an online high score table and a 2 different tilt modes using Androids orientation sensor.

3D Curveball

3D Curveball is a simple game that is available for Android and iOS devices. It’s similar to Pong, but with an extra dimension and a curving ball. The ball travels around in 3D space, and your paddle is now 2 dimensional instead of just a line.

You can get 3D Curveball from Google Play (free) or the iOS App Store ($0.99; no target mode or multi-player yet).